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Almond Geoscience is the consultancy company run by Philip Wild, specialising in writing software and consultancy to solve problems encoutered in data processing and analytics, data management and science.

The company was formed at towards the end of 2013 and over the seven years since then Philip has worked on several projects, including:

  • Adding a GUI to existing Python Jupyter notebook style product, ensuring that the software was available to a wide user base with a professional presentation.
  • Using C++/Qt to build data processing functions for deep ground penetrating pulsed radar data.
  • Winning a Dragons' Den style competition from the Oil and Gas Technology Centre for funding a project to add Machine Learning and automation to seismic data QC and preparation.
  • Writing and enhancing data analytics Python plugins used by Ikon Science for classification and regression problems.
  • Presented paper at EAGE 2018, Copenhagen, on the development of a QI workflow for shale reservoirs (shows the application of a Python coding project I completed).
  • Writing Python plugins to bring new rock physics capabilities to Ikon Science's RokDoc.
  • Remote QC and reporting of seismic data using Amazon Web Services cloud solutions (uses Java and AWS Lambda applications).
  • Member of SEG technical standards's committee, with focus on revisions of oil industry SEG-Y and SEG-D standards.
  • Writing C++ software to convert navigation data (P1/11 and P1/90)/
  • Assisting Moveout Data in the development of Java software used in seismic and navagation data management and in building the company's business.
  • Developing new hybrid inversion workflows with Ikon Science; a Java and C++ based software project.
  • Maintance and enhancement of a legacy C++ seismic scanning software package.
  • Written training course and user manual material for Parallel Geoscience's SPW processing software.
  • Presented a paper at PESGB geophysics meeting on "Modelling and Inverting fractures using AVOA".

Philip is seeking new consultancy and collaboration opportunities with companies using and developing technical and data management software, including in the science, engineering, GIS and image processing communities.

Philip's linked in profile is here.

A copy of Philip's CV is available.

Email at to find out more details.

Almond Geoscience bespoke software development

Experience covering 30 years in writing software to support the use of geophysical data throughout the exploration and development lifecycle.

Algorithms, user interfaces, databases, GIS, cloud with AWS. Developing code for small scale problems, through to managing the commercial development of software packages. Programming in Python, C++, Java and SQL, plus a number of legacy languages and operating systems.

Combination of software skills with an in depth understanding of seismic processing and inversion, AVO, 4D, GPR, data management and more.

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